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Bath or Shower






Body Hygiene: Shower Or Bath

I am writing my opinion only about showers and baths. I am not going to use any scientific evidence to support my belief because it is an opinion. I am going to use some common sense to answer this question. Here is my biased effort.

When I take a bath, I like to use very warm water with bubbles added for aroma and relaxation. That's right! I am a manly man and I like bubbles! Watching them foam and then burst is enjoyable. I forget about the cares of my life. The warmth of the water comforts my muscles and soul, and allows me to recuperate. Ahhh!!! I can visualize and feel the wonderful heat that is engulfing my body. Admit it! You can too! Feels good does it not?

I must admit that baths are fabulous, but there is the lingering thought of the grime or dirt just floating around on the bubbles or sinking to the bottom of the tub. This filth just never disappears, even after you use your best smeling and highest dollar soap. When you arise from the liquid refreshed and glowing with warmth, some of the ugly particles remain attached to your energized body!

If this is true, then we need to weigh the benefits of our time in the tub. Was the bath relaxing? Do we feel refreshed? Do you belive the part about dirt in the water clinging to your sweet smelling skin? If so, then you must say no and go take a shower. But wait, what about the shower?

Coming from athletic workouts as a younger fellow, I looked forward to hittting the shower. I would rip and peel equipment from my hurting and sweating body while I was heading to the cold, clean, and amazing water of the shower. The anticipation was staggering. It was like I was heading to Heaven before the doors would be slammed closed! I was on a mission! Get cool and relaxed.

Once in the shower, standing there letting the dopplets of water flow down my body was exhilerating. What a feeling! The dirt flooding to the floor as I scrubbed the crevaces clean. When you are hot and dirty, showers are the best! But hold your water, what about the soaking of your sore muscles? The pelting of the water falling from the waterhead hits only one part of your body. There is no relaxation of my total body and soul! What a delima; Shower or bath!

If I must make a decision, I will go with the shower as the best body hygiene method. You do get a clean body, but think about all the wonderful steamy bubbles and terrific soap you are missing!